Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Dad saved the best for last!

Just wanted to touch on a very important topic for both my family and myself. My father was a diabetic for 30 years or so, and obviously through time he got worse. He went from taking pills in the early going to eventual full blown insulin shot's. I witnessed as my father year after year would inject himself almost too frequently. I watched as this disease over took him and consumed him. Life wasn't as precious to him as it once was. Soon all thing's that should be important were no longer. Life became a ticking time bomb for him, at least that is the way it seemed to us on the outside looking in. He ate what he wanted, when he wanted, and placed his trust in insulin shot's instead of GOD.

The last several years, piece by piece, he began breaking down. Spiritually, emotionally and finally physically. He went through heart surgery and eye surgery several times. All along continuing to eat what he wanted and coining the phrase ''I am going to die no matter if I eat well or not. So I might as well eat what I want''! He lost the use of his kidney's shortly after that. Now he would have to eat what they told him, when they told him and how they told him. From what you already have read, easier said than done. Soon after my father was beginning to loose strength in his legs. He would literally fall down steps, getting out of the car, even getting out of bed. My dad. My teacher. My hero.

He was now the one thing I could never identify him as being, human. He became an old, sick, shade of who he once was handicapped man. Unable to do for himself any longer. A longtime sole proprietor he now had to search for medicare, medicaid and whatever else would cover him so he would not wither and die. After gaining social security status from retirement he would finally be placed on a long list( 5 year minimum) to qualify for a transplant. After humbling himself he gave in to my mother's wishes and left New York for good. It was a sad day for him indeed. My father made fortunes in that city, lost fortunes in that city but most importantly was fortunate to have landed in that city after leaving Puerto Rico at the age of 16.

Now he would follow my mother after so many years of it being the other way around. But he finally gave in. He gave in to the simple fact that pride is the real disease. He placed his trust back in GOD, and in his family. Just under a month ago my dad also got one more thing back. A working kidney. He had successful surgery and has since recovered and even walking on his own again. My dad never stopped being my hero, he just stopped being himself. I believe in GOD. And he does answer prayers. He answered all of our prayers when it came to my dad and much, much more. I wrote this not to dehumanize my father, but rather to help exalt him. Dad I am so, so proud of you. And to those that believe they can only learn so much from there parents, even after 30 years on this earth. My father has saved his greatest teaching's, his final lesson's for last. Love you Dad!

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